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SYLI Pullover

SYLI Pullover


Premium Vintage Worn color with internal fleece.


INSURG'ENTnoun A person who rises in opposition to civil or political authority; one who openly and actively resists the execution of laws. An insurgent differs from a rebel. The insurgent opposes the execution of a particular law or laws; the rebel attempts to overthrow or change the government, or he revolts and attempts to place his country under another jurisdiction. All rebels are insurgents, but all insurgents are not rebels.


The insurgency does not advocate for the abolition of the rule of law, but for the right to remain free under it. And for that, we will fight 🏴

Color: Worn Midnight
  • Donation Policy

    A portion of profits from every apparel item purchased are donated to Central Alberta Youth Unlimited.

  • Shipping Information

    Our current fulfillment time is between 5 and 10 business days. During new product releases, this wait time may increase due to the influx of new orders.

    You will receive a confirmation email as soon as you place your order, and you will receive a second email with confirmation of shipment and tracking number once the package is shipped.

    Be advised that couriers may take up to 24 hours to update the tracking information in their system.

  • Garment Care

    Wash in cold water, on delicate.

    Hang to air-dry.

    For crease removal, turn shirt inside out and iron on low. Avoid contact with ink filled area.

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