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Hell Ain't Half Full (Premium Triblend)

Hell Ain't Half Full (Premium Triblend)


You don't know violence until you've read Blood Meridian by Cormac McCarthy. It will elicit one of two responses - an immediate repulsion at the savagery within its pages, or an almost erotic arousal of the savage within the reader; coaxed out of it's civilized and domesticated shell by the sheer volume of shed blood and profound spiritual truths.

This design is a tribute to one of my all time favorite books, and one of the many profound quotes from within.

"The wrath of God lies sleeping. It was hid a million years before men were and only men have the power to wake it.

Hell aint half full. Hear me."

Color: Midnight
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    A portion of profits from every apparel item purchased are donated to Central Alberta Youth Unlimited.

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    Wash in cold water, on delicate.

    Hang to air-dry.

    For crease removal, turn shirt inside out and iron on low. Avoid contact with ink filled area.

  • Legal Advisory

    If you're going to do stupid shit, film it so the rest of us can see it.

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