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Burrito Med Pouch (Coyote Tactical Solutions)

Burrito Med Pouch (Coyote Tactical Solutions)

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Lightly used for photoshoot, mint condition.


The BURRITO was designed to be the most ergonomic, ultralight, and versatile mini medical pouch on the market. The BURRITO features laser cut slots on the rear which allow the end user to mount their pouch either vertically or horizontally to your EDC, Duty, Riggers belt; or directly to MOLLE compatible systems. Unlike other mini medical kits on the market, no elastic is used to retain your contents; this prevents any accidental deployment of contents. 

The BURRITO also features a laser cut medical cross on the front face with an included IR / reflective laminate card. You can use the reflective side for overt activities, or flip to the IR side for a subdued look only visible under IR light. 

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