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The first and third of the expressions are grammatically correct but the other two are not. As the first two expressions are grammatically correct, the third one is definitely incorrect. Is this a usage of a language that is not standard? If so, what is the correct use of that type of sentence? A: As you've discovered, the grammar here is a little unusual and at first seems to give you an argument over the exact form of the conditional. But it is actually a little more complicated than that. Your two examples: . . . . /c-hd-online-player-national-treasure-1-tamil-dubbed-movie-download-bencin. Here you can get an argument over whether it should be... . /c-hd-online-player-national-treasure-1-tamil-dubbed-movie-download-bencin ... or... . . . . . . . /c-hd-online-player-national-treasure-1-tamil-dubbed-movie-download-bencin But in both cases, you are actually comparing a full noun phrase (couv'ént) with a verb (dubbed movie download bencin) A: I suggest that you think of the individual parts of the sentence in this case as antonyms: .... . ... . /c-hd-online-player-national-treasure-1-tamil-dubbed-movie-download-bencin. and then you have: . . . . . . . . /c-hd-online-player-national-treasure-1-tamil-dubbed-movie-download-bencin. And a man can't be both a dog and a cat at the same time. # This file is part of BlackArch Linux ( ). # See COPYING for license details. pkgname=smssensors pkgver=8.1b pkgrel=1 groups=('blackarch' 'blackarch-apps