Warrior Profile // 75th Ranger Brad Freel

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

War Doll got the opportunity to interview Brad Freel; E-5 / Sgt from 2nd Ranger Battalion and all around hard-charging-mother. We got a brief look into his life and what inspires him.

WAR: Introduce yourself for us; where you're from, where you grew up.

FREEL: My name is Brad – given that my entire family is from small towns in USA (Kansas / Colorado) I like to claim my roots are country, but growing up in the city of Las Vegas has given me a unique insight into the evil that lies within people. Which is the cause for my desire to always be ready.

At the age of 8 years old I watched my Mother get stomped and punched by a group of wannabe thugs…this incident comes with a long backstory but I’d rather not get into it. I mention it because it could very well be the reason I’ve been obsessed with violence since I was a young boy.

WAR: Tell us about your military service; why you joined and the mindset behind those underlying values.

FREEL: I was only a freshman in high school (HS) when the Towers dropped. During the following years, America invaded yet another country in the Middle East – given the direction American troops were going in Iraq and Afghanistan, I knew exactly where I was going the second I graduated.

You can call it love of country, you can call it college tuition – but the hard truth of why I enlisted is because I wanted to experience the one thing the entire world recognizes as the hardest challenge a human can live through – war.

The Global War on Terror may not have been WWII but uniformed soldiers with an American flag on their shoulder were dying in combat.

I enlisted a year before I graduated HS – a few weeks after graduation I was in route to Ft. Benning, GA where I would volunteer for the 75th Ranger Regiment.

After the short but gruelling fight one must pass in order to become a US Army Ranger, I was assigned to 2nd Ranger Battalion out of Ft. Lewis, Washington.

I was deployed four times, twice to Iraq and twice to Afghanistan. I was honorably discharged as an E-5 / Sgt. on June 12th, 2009.

WAR: Tell us why you train. Cover anything from preparing for the worst to your responsibly as a patriot to be able to protect yourself and those around you.

FREEL: I train because I possess a capacity for love unlike anyone I’ve met. And when you truly love someone you will do anything in the world for them – you will keep them safe no matter the cost.

If you love someone, or even just value your own life you should train to not only defeat evil, but prevail over it. I train almost every type of defense: hand to hand, all firearms, impact tools, etc. all because I’m not oblivious to the simple facts of physical human capabilities.

I stand at 5’7 and weigh 169 lbs. I’m not naive to the fact that a large, dedicated man can murder me with his bare hands.

My main focus is on equalizers. Which is why you will never convince me guns are not necessary. Because the 72 year old grandma needs an equalizer against the 6’3 / 290 lbs man breaking into her house at night.

Hell, even Conor McGregor will die when faced against a small group of men armed with baseball bats. Taking away the ability to squeeze a simple trigger to defend thyself

vs. dialing for emergency services will create a world where evil wins.

WAR: Tell us the most important lessons you've learned from either training or the military.

FREEL - I full heartedly support self-defense training at every level as often as one’s schedule will allow; however, I do believe too many individuals fail to realize just how important mindset is.

I believe a strong mentality (Die First, Then Quit) will save lives. On the flip side of that coin, if you carry a weapon and do not train with it – you will not perform well with it.

Luck is a thing – it can even be considered a skill, but when we’re talking about the life of someone you Love on the line, do you want to rely on luck?


Brad Freel - Honorably Discharged from 2nd Ranger Battalion as an E-5 / Sgt. in June of 2009. Four deployments, twice to Iraq twice to Afghanistan for a total of 13 months. Conducted over 300 direct action raids in the Middle East. Currently a Security Director for two Resorts in Las Vegas, NV.