Next Gen Laser-Cut Patches

Updated: Jan 4, 2020

If you're in the market for patches, look no further than Line of Fire Defence Systems.

With over 10 years in the Defence Industry and over 13 years of experience developing and testing everything from body armour technologies to ballistic materials, LOF has brought us next generation patches straight from the future.

It's no secret that patches have come a long way over the years; from the sewn on stitching style, to laser cut stencils on nylon materials and everything in between.

But what makes these patches unique, is their simplicity.

LOF patches are approximately 30 percent thinner than regular Laser cut Cordura patches with 3M inners, and approximately 60 percent thinner than PVC patches.

This feat is accomplished by having an industrial heat activated adhesive applied to the Cordura.

It is then laser cut or laser etched depending on the patch style, and adhered to a Velcro back before being heat pressed - resulting in a layered patch that requires no stitching or marrowing to hold the edges together.

The result is a clean, modern look with rounded edges - all without the mess of stitches.

Another great feature of the LOF patches are the flex.

Most patches are quite rigid, made stiff by the many layers piled on top of each other that create a sort of cardboard feel.

With LOF patches, you still get a general rigidity to maintain the shape of the patch, but with a lot more flex - enabling the patch to contour to your equipment or clothing.

With LOF's ability to create custom patches for everything from unit emblems to your own personal logo, you'll find that all your patch needs can be fulfilled in one place.


Utility: Flexible shape which contours to clothing.

Application: Unit / Member identification.


500D Cordura.


Weight: 0.002kg (0.004lbs)


MASS // Heavyweight Middleweight Lightweight Feather


DURABILITY // Impregnable Durable Average Delicate


+Flexible, enabling the patch to contour to your equipment or clothing.

+No stitching or marrowing to hold the edges together.


-Not available in IR reflective material.

-Velcro back pattern is the fill for the design, which isn't as clean a look as a solid 3M material.


Lightweight and flexible, this is a good fit for anyone who is going for a modern and clean look.

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