The Pressure is on Canada to Deliver

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

There are conflict hot spots happening globally right now. Africa, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan

(yeah it's still going on), Central America, Eastern Europe, etc... You don't need to be an Int. Operator to figure this out. Even the laziest keyboard commando out on the inter-webs can Google news sources that aren't the big three MSM (Main Stream Media) networks in the U.S. or Canada.

With MSM predominantly covering the American election at the moment, it has overshadowed

the fact the a new wave of proxy wars (1) are being fought without the general knowledge or care of the public. The general public is lazy, numbed to everything but MSM and apathetic to everything else.

Where does Canada fit in all of this?

World news has been watching Canada lately because of the current PM's meteoric

rise in the media. Between the Obama bromance, obsession with the United Nations, massive spending in arguably all the wrong places in Government and generally making national decisions without consultation; what Canada does in the next 10 months will shape how we'll be perceived in the next 10 years.

How our military is deployed around the world will affect how we'll be received and perceived

by the U.N. and NATO; especially with rising contributions to OP Reassurance in Eastern Europe to keep Russia in check in the Ukraine. This put us in the middle of a tense showdown between the U.S. And Russia with Canada literally in the middle (2). Any potential conflict would see NORAD busy over the arctic circle as the shortest distance between Russia and the U.S. is right over Canada.

Find your VHS copy of Red Dawn and let that sink in for a minute.

Canada additionally has a contingent of CANSOFCOM elements in Iraq training (fighting)

alongside Peshmerga, aiding them in the fight against Daesh and currently working to take Mosul, Iraq (3). With the current government pulling our fighter aircraft out of Iraq and our current ISR planes not performing to spec, CANSOFCOM has been relying on U.S. Int. to get the job done.

France is now putting pressure on Canada to help relieve the work they are doing in Mali, and

other areas in Africa (4). They've been pulling more than their weight in Africa and with the amount of domestic terrorism happen on home soil in France, they need to go home and sort themselves out.

This is where Canada can step up and help a NATO ally. Now this is after the rather vague PSOP plan (5) that Minister Dion pushed out in reference to what Canada can do for the U.N.

Dion, stating that Canada is good to go and can effectively support this type of operation... except for that Auditor General report stating that Canada's reserve force elements aren't properly trained (6).

I call B.S. on that. The last half of the Afghan conflict, tours were rotating in Primary Reservists at more than 50%. Anyone who still currently works in the Canadian Forces Reserve Force knows that the Auditor General's report and the effectiveness of our current reserve force doesn't correlate, especially since the majority of information gathering is still on physical paper, whether it be pay sheets, annual qualifications, etc... it does not represent the reality of our actual reserve force.

So the A.G. and Minister Dion need to compare notes next time before going public.

Apparently it's OK to spend taxpayer money to send HMSC Vancouver to Vietnam for a

goodwill visit (7), instead of say... OP. Ocean Shield in the Gulf of Aden aiding in anti piracy


So a poorly investigated report, a vague plan for the U.N., an ally in need pressing us to step up and contribute, the withdrawal of fighter aircraft and ineffective ISR planes in Iraq, and sending our ageing naval ships for vacation to south east Asia...

I have 100% confidence that the men and women in the Canadian Forces can handle whatever is thrown at them. The question I pose: Is our Government ready to support them properly by way of training, equipment, personnel, and funding? Can Canada Deliver?

I'll leave that up to you to decide.

In fact I encourage you to do your own research, or even sign on the dotted line and step up to serve Queen and Country, our True North Strong and Free.


CK Rohan is a currently serving Infantry soldier in the Canadian Forces. He is also a News and Broadcast media specialist with 18 years experience, a civilian contractor for the British Army and Zahal Israeli firearms training. He is an avid combat shooter and is out on the range rain, shine, or snow.

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