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Updated: Jun 5, 2019

War Doll got the opportunity to interview Baret Fawbush; pastor, firearms enthusiast and all around hard-charging-mother. We got a brief look into his life, the hardships that he endured and how they formed him, as well as a sneak peak at an article he dropped about the Christian and Self Defense.

WAR: Introduce yourself for us; where you're from, where you grew up and what you were like before you became a Christian?

FAWBUSH: My name is Baret Fawbush, and I came from an abusive broken home. Despite the hardships, my father did raise me to have an appreciation for firearms, the outdoors, and respect for animal life.

I grew up in Louisville, KY where I wasn’t raised in church or from a religious household. So it was quite a shock to everyone when I decided to follow Christ when I was 15 and become baptized.

What was I like before my service to God? Well, I was course, bitter, and self centred. Though I’m continually working on that with the help of the Holy Spirit.

WAR: Tell us about your faith, how it's shaping you now.

FAWBUSH: I came to faith in Jesus with the help of a girlfriend at the end of 8th grade. I had attended church for quite sometime and investigated the claims of Christianity. After spending many months, I placed my faith in Jesus and became baptized.

Ever since then, I’ve been growing and developing my relationship with Him. Jesus is my everything. I don’t do anything outside of the scope of my faith in Christ.

It was a little time later that I felt God’s call on my life to go into the ministry. I was asked to look at “what gifts” God had blessed me with and how I could go about using them to advance His kingdom.

I came to the conclusion that I like yelling at people and I like being the center of attention, I’ll be a preacher.

WAR: So tell us about your passion for firearms and how strongly you feel about the need to own and train with firearms.

FAWBUSH: I think they are pretty cool. But I wouldn’t say I have a passion for firearms like I have a passion for winning the lost, or watching people come to Jesus. I see them as tools to train with, a hobby of sorts that just so happens to blend into Second Amendment rights and my duty to protect the family.

The second amendment is important to me. Not because its in our Constitution that protects our rights and the foundation for our nation, but because it’s God given.

It’s the duty of every man and woman to protect their family and children from evil people. This is instilled in us by God Almighty and through the Scripture. The firearm is the great equalizer in this equation. It levels the playing field when a 6’4 220lb man invades the home of a mother and her infant child.

The firearm is simultaneously the great equalizer between the people and the government if ever it would be necessary that the tree of liberty would need to be refreshed in the future.

WAR: Which leads us right into the article you wrote. Tell us some insight as to what it's all about, and why you decided to write it.

FAWBUSH: Well, as my popularity has grown throughout the interwebs, Christians and non-Christians alike have found it necessary to continuously bombard we with the same question over and over:

“How do you reconcile being a preacher and teaching people how to potentially kill others?”

After copying and pasting my 100th response to this question, I decided to write an article. Now, the article itself seems like a massive undertaking, but I assure you, it really wasn’t. I had been researching and writing about this since I was 21 (I’m 30 now). I’ve given presentations, written research papers, and debated how Christians are biblically justified using lethal force in self defense for years.

It was only natural that I should write and article concerning this topic primarily because I felt the need to help Christians (and non-Christians) understand what the Bible says about this issue whilst learning how to read the Scriptures simultaneously.

Most people aren’t scholars. They don’t spend their time reading and researching like I do writing sermons and lessons every week, multiple times a week. So I felt that writing this article would serve the 20 something year old who’s thinking about carrying a gun, the church board who’s thinking about church security and the mother who is having difficult understanding where their child is coming from wanting to carry a gun.

The article helps people understand what the Bible has to say about defending yourself and your family with lethal force and ultimately coming to the conclusion to trust in God, for He is our rock, but prepare yourself to fight against injustice and evil if necessary.

WAR: There's a lot of truth in that for sure. Finally, tell us about how firearms and pastoring go hand-in-hand as forms of service, sacrifice and protection.

FAWBUSH: How you do anything, is how you do everything. I find that I’m a Christian and preacher first, and a firearms enthusiast / instructor second.

I blend the time I get to spend with people on the range with teaching them about how to be a better shooter and a better person. I often joke with students that “This isn’t a shooting class as much as it is a thinking class.” And I really mean that.

I try to teach people what it’s like to focus on something and to put their minds to something, like shooting a gun, and then try to teach people to understand the value of putting their mind to being a better father, husband, Christian, or worker.

I try to have an impact upon people’s lives. I want people to ultimately be better human beings because they are just as likely to put that into practice as they are firing a handgun.


Baret Fawbush pastors a small church outside of Poseyville, Indiana where he and his wife Jalyn raise their two children, Knox and Kierce. Baret travels frequently to teach fundamental handgun classes throughout the United States.

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